Summerlin Asset Management, LLC has been offering insured 1st Trust Deed Real Estate notes as a lucrative investment since 2008. We buy our trust deeds directly from Wall Street, hedge funds, and regional or community banks. Investment Philosophy – Summerlin seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through investments in collateralized first position mortgages. Our management team executes this strategy by combining sophisticated valuation analysis, pricing discipline, and professional mortgage workout solutions that benefit the borrower and Summerlin. Our clients receive the opportunity to invest in high-yielding investments that are well-secured by valuable real estate and other assets. Summerlin Asset Management knows that preservation of capital is paramount. Therefore, we employ an intelligent and disciplined approach to due diligence and risk management when making mortgage note acquisition decisions. At Summerlin, we service and manage each transaction for our investors and are dedicated to complete operational transparency. We also provide free investor education related to the types of investments that we pursue. All 1st Trust Deed mortgage note purchases are designed to produce double-digit returns, with the safety of our investors’ principal as our number one concern.