In 2008 Summerlin Asset Management, LLC entered the note market, purchasing from banks, hedge funds, asset management firms, and private equity companies. Between the years 2009-2014 Summerlin purchased mortgage notes valued at $89,000,000 in Unpaid Principal Balance (UPB) in all 50 States in the U.S. Through multiple workout strategies we were able to successfully flip $83,000,000 in first trust deeds/mortgage notes to date in 2016. Most of the mortgage notes were comprised of SFR with a few 2-4 Multifamily.

Trust Deeds, or Mortgage Notes as they are called in some States, can be a very lucrative investment. Non-performing notes hold the greatest risk while strong performing notes hold the least. At Summerlin we have seen first-hand how lucrative note investing can be and purchase non-performing, sub-performing, re-performing, and performing notes for our investors and the company’s portfolio. We also provide daily management service on all notes held by our investors and they rely on our expertise in this industry.